US Special Forces DUMVEE 1:72

The conversion of regular HMMWV to DUMVEE required extensive modifications of original kit model. Firstly, the visible vehicle body modifications were made. The doors were cut out from original model (only left back doors remained) and the passenger cage was constructed from styrene. The used styrene was from yoghurt cups and other available styrene packaging.

DUMVEEs feature an open rear, where an enclose cabin would normally be. This flat bed area is used to store all the fuel, ammunition, rations and other supplies that the special ops missions require. The rear was constructed from styrene and tin (above) using available photos as reference (below).

Inside of the vehicle contains various comunications equipment and GPS navigation system. The navigation and GPS equipment was also constructed from styrene along with the 50cal ammunition holder on the turret (below).

The basic paint was applied (above). I used several shades of tan colors, mostly Revell 89 and 17. The filtering was done with dilluted ModelMaster U.S. Army Sand. As seen on the original photos the DUMVEE’s are always packed with lots of equipment, bags, sleeping bags, army backpacks etc. I tried to made some pieces of equipment using FIMO mass. The picture above shows some of the equipment in blue, non painted FIMO. The netting on the back door was made from dental floss.

After basic painting I made some light weathering using dry pastels (above) which were sanded in a fine pigment and applied via ordinary brush. For darker tones I used burnt umber, and for lighter tones I used some tan pastels. At this point I have started to give some of the FIMO equipment a paintjob. I wanted to make this DUMVEE as colorful as possible so I applied some U.S. woodland camouflage scheme (below left) along with some three color desert scheme and ordinary olive drab. The navigation equipment in the cabin was also painted and detailed using some photo-etched parts obtained from aircraft cockpit panels.


Next on the agenda was filling the interior with equipment. This had to be next step in order to allow closing of the roof. After the roof gets closed, the works can continue on the exterior. The equipment on the pictures above are a combination of FIMO mass, and military backpacks obtained from Revell U.S. Army modern figures (below left). What I have done was cutting out the pieces of equipment from the figures, mostly army backpacks. Since the figures represent modern U.S. troops and they are very nicely molded this was an excellent solution.

Finally I put everything together, added some Caesar Miniatures figures (i replaced original heads wearing helmets with this more cool looking ones), made a desert scene, and thats it!

Thanks for watching!